Sunday, February 14, 2010

We LOVE Our Pets!

The folks at Hamilton love their pets so much that the stories and pictures keep coming, so I thought I would share them all.

A story about Cathy’s Weimaraner:

We adore our 70-pound Weimaraner, Georgia. She's devoted to us, good with cats and children, protective of our home, yard and 11-year-old twins. However, she is what we euphemistically describe as "high-energy." An average family of four cannot possibly exercise this dog enough to calm her down. So, following the advice of the dog whisperer, the year before last we purchased a used (human) treadmill on Craig's List. We run the dog on it every morning at 4.5 MPH for half an hour. This is just enough to prevent her from tearing our house down or leaping through the front window to kill the mailman, but still leaves her alert enough to frighten strangers away and, sadly, devise new methods for getting into the garbage. If I could just train her to put ME on the treadmill daily at 4.5 MPH for half an hour, my life would be perfect!

Here's a story and picture from Debra about her dog, Taxie:

I have a mixed breed dog, half Golden Retriever, half Cocker Spaniel..I know, some mix. We adopted her when my son was only 6 years old, and I left it up to him to name her. Out of the blue, he said "her name is Taxie." Of course I said, “What a wonderful name,” but I was thinking—hmm, different. She used to escape from the backyard, at which time, my son and I would roam the neighborhood yelling "Taxi! Taxi!"

Cassie and Rhett’s cat:

Here comes Trouble!!! She is a feline with a cat-itude all her own. Laid back without a care in the world is how she rolls. She sports a black coat with the purr-fect touch of white accents. Piercing green eyes that draw you in—just the way she likes it—all eyes on her. This diva even has a beauty mark by her lip, just proof that she is all about glamour.

Mary Ann’s dog, Diesel:

Here are a few photos of my baby, Diesel. His name sounds like he's a large and mean dog. On the contrary, he's the sweetest pet ever. At least, ONLY TO ME! :) My family thinks he's the meanest one they've ever met, that's because he loves to protect Mama (that's me!)

He broke his leg last year and he was a 3-legged Beast (as my family would call him) for a month. But he still remained the feisty little dog I know. Always by my side to protect me whenever he feels I'm threatened. On one occasion, he bit my husband on his face and the only thing he did was try to give me a kiss on the cheek. Trust me, he never tried that move again, my husband I mean! Diesel is just so over protective that no one can get close to me when he's on my lap.

He's so spoiled! He eats and sleeps with me and if it was my choice, I would take him everywhere with me. My boys think I'm crazy because I treat him like he's human but what can I say...I love him! He doesn't disobey, he doesn't talk back, and when I need him to comfort me, he's always by my side.

Amanda’s story about Magnus:

As a newlywed, my first mission was to get a new puppy for our new family. We found the cutest little cotton ball dog that seemed to be the calmest in the store. That day, we started a whole new adventure with our little "tranquil" puppy. His name is Magnus, and he is a Samoyed who is now about a year and a half old, weighing in at 45 lbs. He is not as peaceful and quiet as he appeared in the store but still just as cute. His nickname when we bought him was "Sweet Boy," now he is the "Roaming Disposal." I have never seen a dog in my life that can eat and chew through as many things as he has and survived. He has eaten everything imaginable from cell phones, socks, carpet, chunks out of my wood dresser and, yes, even holes in our walls! He has torn through every "tough" toy we have brought home in record time and no plush animal is safe. He can power through chew bones in minutes so we have to buy specially hard ones that can slow him down and occupy him for a few days. He is a sweet dog, but turn your head for a moment or leave anything on the floor, and it's history. But, he is still our good boy, and we will always love him. Just look at his cute face and "innocent" eyes!

And here is the most talked about little girl in our office these days—Shannon’s new dog, Piper:

Well, those are the pet children of The Hamilton Collection. It took two posts to get them all in. I hope you enjoyed the pictures and stories. You can see these photos and even more on Facebook, where we've created a photo album of all of our favorite pet friends. Please send us your favorite pet pictures, too!!

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