Monday, June 7, 2010

There's a Hamilton logo in my box--Why?

Many of our collectibles come with a resin replica of our Hamilton logo in the box. The “H” is there for a lot of reasons that are complicated about weight and balance. Those of you who own our collectibles may have received one or several of these “H” squares. They are unpainted, smooth, and milky white. Their color is exactly the color of our figurines before they are painted.

I never considered that such a little item could hold value; however, since we don’t include one in every box we do receive calls to our customer service department from customers who did not receive an “H” in with their product. I know that lots of our customers like to display the square with the product, and some actually use it as a display stand. When a customer calls inquiring about their missing “H,” we will gladly send them one.

It got me to thinking, though—if customers are missing it, then what do they do with the “H” when they receive it? Do they paint it? Is it a paperweight? Is it cherished by or given as a gift to people whose name begins with the letter “H”? Ironically, we have nobody here at Hamilton with a first name that begins with “H.”

If you have a story about your “H” figurine and how you are using it, please share it with me on our Facebook page!