Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Looking forward to the Royal Wedding: Only 65 days to go!

Catherine Elizabeth (Kate) Middleton has captured the attention of people all over the world since her engagement to Prince William was announced back in November 2010. Overnight she has become a style icon, and it seems that every dress she wears sells out in hours and is copied, studied and analyzed. And her engagement ring—yes, that amazing, storied ring—has once again created a stir around the world.

Could it be that people find her so likeable because she seems so down to earth? After all, Kate is not photographed wearing haute couture gowns and priceless jewels; rather, many of her publicized ensembles can easily be bought at retail for not thousands, but mere hundreds, of dollars. She received a blue-blood education (she met William at the exclusive St. Andrews), yet her family is not part of British Society. Her parents are self-made millionaires from their own party business. She is, for all practical purposes, a commoner—just like the British masses who now adore her. In fact, for her official engagement photos with Prince William, she insisted upon doing her own hair and makeup, and, once again, she wore an off-the-rack creamy white dress that immediately took the fashion world by storm.

Kate certainly does have the look of a princess, and as the royal wedding approaches, the biggest question on everyone’s lips is: Who will design her wedding gown? The answer to this question will likely remain a secret up until Kate makes her debut wearing it on April 29, 2011. Designers David and Elizabeth Emanuel, who created Diana’s famous wedding gown with its 25-foot long train, worked in total secrecy up until the big day. Each day, all of their trash was shredded and picked up for disposal so that suspecting paparazzi couldn’t make any discoveries. Fittings were done in total secrecy as well. Certainly the future Princess Catherine will look stunning in whatever she wears!