Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Pets Are Our Children

Wow, ask people around here about their pets, and the flood gates open! Pictures and comments are pouring in. There is just something about our pets--I guess because they love you unconditionally, and they don’t disagree with you. There’s no fighting or uncomfortable conversations with our pets. And ultimately they just accept you for who you are as long as the food, water and love keeps coming.

I am a cat person. I think you would have picked up on that by now if you read my blog. It’s not that I dislike dogs. I am afraid of them. I have no idea what a dog is going to do when it comes up to me. But a cat makes me smile every time. So, I’ll start by telling you about my own cat, Lefty. He went to Kitty Heaven in 2006. I miss him all the time, but I don’t really miss the litter box. He was a beautiful, loving, mischievous cat. And he was a helper! If I was working on anything—planting flowers, reading, typing, you name it—he wanted to help. Here’s a picture of my sweetie. Isn’t he pretty?

Now I’d like to introduce you to some of the pets of the folks at The Hamilton Collection. There have been a lot of new pets this year. I hope you enjoy the stories.

Kathy’s cat, Riley, was rescued after she was found covered in fleas. Her flea bites were so severe that she had to have a blood transfusion.

Laura’s dog, Buffy, was adopted from The Humane Society one year ago.

Ruby is an 11 year old DIVA Yorkie who was kicked out of her two previous homes. She doesn't mingle well with people or other critters. Her owner, "Yankee Girl," is pathetic in that she falls prey to Ruby's "Divaness" and has stuck by the pooch for 7+ years. Ruby has a number of sides to her personality—she's quite the little vixen and a sports fan, too (New York Yankees)—hence her wardrobe choices.

Amy has 2 dogs, Ozzie and Casey. Here are her comments and pictures.

We had Casey first, then got Ozzie 2 years later. At first Casey wasn't too fond of Ozzie...didn't want to have to share the attention with anyone, but now they are inseparable. Ozzie is VERY hyper and happy all the time. We call Casey our moody teenager—he's very loyal and loving one minute and the next he's grumpy or off pouting somewhere.

They act like two brothers and are always up to something. Casey is funny because he uses a bait and switch move to trick Ozzie into giving up his seat on the couch. He'll wave a toy in Ozzie's face and Ozzie gets all excited that Casey wants to play with him so he jumps off the couch to play. Casey half-heartedly plays for a second, then jumps up and steals Ozzie's seat. Poor Ozzie just stands there looking confused while Casey is all cozy and curled up on the couch. Poor Ozzie!

This is Ozzie...

...and Casey...

Lashunda has a new puppy. Here’s what she had to say about her new dog.

We have had Lucky (our Beagle) for a month now, and Lucky is quite the handful for a puppy. Lucky needs a lot of attention, and he loves people and other dogs. My husband named him Lucky because he said, Lucky was lucky he got bought. Lucky is spoiled rotten already and he knows it. He is very picky with toys and food. Now if we can get the potty training down pat that will be great. Every time we go to Petsmart we get so many compliments on how cute he is. Here is a picture, you judge for yourself.

Here is Michelle’s new puppy:

This is the newest addition to our family. Her name is Mia. She is just shy of 11 weeks old and is as spunky as they come. She has recently discovered herself in the mirror and spends time doing laps with her reflection. As you can see by the picture she is quite fond of her tail and is not at all modest. She keeps us on our toes and we look forward to the many adventures to come.

And here is a great cat story from Adrienne:

Chopin was a 17-lb. apple head Siamese. He was, by far, the biggest kitten in his litter. Soon after his arrival, he established himself as the head of the household. He was extremely vocal, as all Siamese are, and always in our business, but when company came to the house, he would disappear, leading many to question out claim that we even had a cat. There are many stories about my cat, but here is one that stands out most in my mind...

One night, Chopin decided he would have some fun in our kitchen. He opened all the cabinets and got into the kitchen trash, which he dumped and scattered all over the kitchen floor. Then he got into my mom's baking stuff. In a low cabinet, she kept huge 5-gallon containers of flour, sugar, etc. He got into the flour--tore the lid off the container with his teeth (and these were not easy lids to pry off). I only wish I could have seen him in action--all we saw the next morning was the result of what he had done. There was flour EVERYWHERE in little paw prints. The floor, kitchen counters, stove top, kitchen table and even parts of the dining room were covered with little white paw prints. And on the floor, those paw prints seemed to move perfectly around all the trash mess. When my mom came down in the morning and turned on the kitchen light, there was Chopin sitting right in the kitchen sink, one of his favorite places to hang out (he was not allowed to be there but that is where we always found him). My mom grabbed a broom and chased that cat all over the house. She cornered him in a closet, where they proceeded to have a hissing match. Well, then she kinda got freaked out, so she shut him in there to let him "cool off" for about an hour. When she opened that door, he was just like a little kitten all over again, and he never did anything like that again.

See, cats are so much fun!! Anyway, those are some of the pets of our office. Hope you enjoyed the pictures. Please post your pictures or stories. We’d love to hear them!

I have lots more pet pictures and stories to share--stay tuned!

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