Thursday, October 7, 2010

We Love Being A Part Of Your Life

This week is National Customer Service Week, and we have been celebrating it here at The Hamilton Collection by learning more about our customers and how each of our employees thinks about the customer in their daily routines.

I invited our employees to write a note to a customer that was selected randomly, and I have been touched by the notes that have been written. But one note was particular touching. One of our product developers finished her note with the sentence “We love being a part of your life.” I was so moved and inspired by that line because we truly are a part of people’s every day lives. Just as the title of this blog is The Curio Cabinet, your curio cabinet is where many of our collectibles are displayed with honor. Not just curio cabinets – coffee tables, dressers, foyer tables, and on an on. Every room of the house is used to display the collectibles that express your personality. And the fact that we are a part of that expression is an inspiration to me and to the people who work at Hamilton. We have the power and the responsibility to bring you the collectibles that will mean the most to you from artisans from around the globe. I feel like I am writing a PR piece, but this is so true. And that one sentence in the note brought it to the forefront for me.

So, I’ll close this blog post by saying:

“We love being a part of your life.”