Wednesday, May 13, 2009

My Collections...To Name a Few

Hello again! I want to talk about collections. At The Hamilton Collection ( we organize all of our collectibles into “collections” so that our customers can have a beautiful display without having to visit lots of different stores or websites.

I personally have collections of lots of things. The one my husband understands the least is my collection of pitchers. I have about 25 glass pitchers that I have collected over the years. In our last house, I had a great place to display them on the top of my cabinets in my kitchen. Our current house doesn’t have a great display area for them, so they are in the cabinets just waiting to be used when we have guests. I also collect cats, and I like to have lots of different looking ones. So, each time we design a cat collectible at The Hamilton Collection, the designer asks me if it will make my curio cabinet. If I say yes, they know they have a winner. Cat people are very similar. We just enjoy the beauty of cats and their movement. I smile every time I see a cat. I collect state quarters, presidential dollars, brass leaves, anything glass, seashells…and the list goes on and on. My collections make me happy, and each time I add something to one of them, it makes it new again.

That’s why Hamilton’s collections are so unique. We design things that go together but make the collection different and new each time you receive a collectible from us.

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