Monday, May 18, 2009

Frog Wild

Hi, fellow collectors! At The Hamilton Collection we take great pride in our collections being inspired by the collectors that we serve. Hence our motto, “Collectibles Inspired by You.” Those inspirations can come from many places, but mostly we like to hear directly from our collectors. We serve a lot of collectors who are motorcycle enthusiasts, and we recently designed a very unique product - Frog Wild.

Sometimes we aren’t sure how collectors will react to an idea, and this product introduction was one of those times. We thought it was a super design – you could actually see this frog coming right out of the pond, putting on his leather vest, bandana and sunglasses, and hitting the open road. (Of course, he’ll have to stop occasionally to cool off in a nearby puddle or something.) As you can see, imagination is an important part of our design process. You can find a frog sitting on a lily pad anywhere, but a frog on a motorcycle! You have to go to The Hamilton Collection for that!

So, Frog Wild is the product we’re talking about this week. I hear there is even some discussion about where this little guy will be headed on his motorcycling adventure. That will be fun to watch. We’ll bring you his adventures here on this blog on a regular basis. You can also visit him at Flickr: Frog Wild.

Until next time…move one of your collectibles from the back of the curio cabinet to the front. You’ll feel like a new person.

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