Friday, April 22, 2011

A Princess Dream Realized

This week's post is from Amanda, one of our very talented product developers.

Ask any little girl what she wants to be when she grows up, and she will probably tell you, eagerly, that she wants to be “a princess!” At one time, Mrs. Middleton may have asked her daughter that same question and she responded in the same way. I, too, dreamed of a day when my price would come and sweep me off my feet into a castle where I could reign as a princess. Kate is the realization of many little girls’ dreams, and we are all on the edge of our seats waiting for the wedding day to see how beautiful it all will be.

As I have seen news crews come in and out of our offices to cover our Kate figurine and seen much of the press Kate regularly receives, I’ve asked myself why it is such a big deal. I’ll bet if you took a poll of what games little girls play, the top two would be: 1) Make-believe Princess; and 2) Wedding. The culmination of the two put together creates a wondrous sight for any “common” girl with the dream of becoming a beautiful bride, let alone a royal one.

On an occasion this grand, where expectations are high and playing make-believe is now playing out in reality, a keepsake of this event is an added bonus. The marketplace is full of different kinds of Kate (and William) merchandise, but I have not seen anything more beautiful than our Kate Middleton figurine. I know—you may think I’m biased because I work here at Hamilton, but, on the contrary, I am very detail-oriented by trade. My expectations are very high for a quality figurine. Our Kate figurine is meticulously detailed and has been worked on with care and a discerning eye, to give her the utmost grace and beauty Kate embodies. I can attest, by holding her in my hands and seeing the following issues in the collection, this one is going to be a joy for any Kate admirer. I cannot wait to see what the wedding dress will look like, and I am confident that we will make the figurine gorgeous—just like Kate will be on her big day.

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